This is the new normal.

Due to COVID-19 all public locations are required to continually and proactively ensure that they are operating fully in accordance with Government requirements. This is to ensure that social distancing of two metres is made possible and is adhered to. There are challenges for all universities in implementing social distancing.

Our focus is to support universities with the safe and continued service to their students and faculty. Zeitslot offers a solution specially designed to manage the flow of people to your location to ensure social distancing. Our tool enables efficient and productive management of queues virtually without contact.

Practice social distancing by managing footfall. Set your maximum occupancy by defining a limit for how many visitors can be safely allowed in your store(maximum capacity), and vary these limits by day and hour as necessary. Guarantee zero wait time by allowing customers to pre-book time slots and be guaranteed immediate entry. You can even reserve certain time slots for at-risk populations.

Queue management should be simple yet effective.

The last thing your customers need is an introduction to a complex and hard to use system for entering your premises that still leaves them waiting. Queue management should be simple and effective for all the parties involved. With simplicity built into the core, we’ve taken into account different demographics and have developed our queuing solution to make sure nobody gets left out.

To reopen and continue in safe operation, universities will need to go further to reduce the need for physical contact to allow students and staff to regain the confidence they once had navigating their premises. Zeitslot.com provides that confidence.

Benefits & Impact

  • Enable Social Distancing

  • Touchless

  • Quick & Easy Deployment

  • Deliver Great Customer Experience

  • Adhere to Occupancy Limits

  • Central Control

  • No more long queues