How to register as a location

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Step 1

  • On the website landing page, click on the ‘For Businesses and Locations’ button.

Step 2

  • Click on the ‘Register Location’ button.

Step 3

  • After creating and verifying your account, you will be able to login using your details.
  • To register your location to the platform simply input the address of the location you are registering. This is how your customers will find and identify you.
  • Your icon should be your logo or an image representative of your business or location. This will make it easier for customers to identify your location.

Step 4

  • Intervals between time-slots should be representative of the average time people spend in your location. In this case it is 1 hour.
  • The capacity is the amount of booking available for a time-slot. It should be limited depending on the amount of space available on your premises.
    • Example: An open space premises of 60m² with social distancing guidelines of 2 metres per person will be able to house 15 people max at any given time.
  • The ‘Exact’ button allows the booking of time slots to be strictly limited while turning it off will allow people to continue booking even when max capacity has been filled.
  • You cannot set up time slots for times in the past.

What is a template?

In the case that the schedule of your business does not change daily, templates allow you to create pre-set timeslots for the days ahead. Rather than manually creating time-slots for each day, you can simply apply a template you’ve created and allow customers to book on that basis. Find out how to set up templates here.

Step 5

You’re set to go! Time to let customers know.

  • In your location set-up, you will see your direct link. This link brings your customers directly to your location to book available time slots. Share this link with customers to allow them to start booking.
    • If you’ve selected your location to be publicly visible in set-up, your visitors will also be able to find you in the public search form on the main page and on the map.


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