Gyms & Leisure

This is the new normal.

To ensure social distancing is maintained in general fitness areas, many national and regional authorities are limiting the number of people who can be in the facility at a given time. In addition to limiting density at any one time, clubs are also proposing other means to facilitate social distancing such as signage, floor markings, barriers, and rearranging or removing equipment to achieve 6 foot distance.

As facilities reopen, it will be important to keep members from congregating at any point—on the fitness floor, at the front desk, in locker rooms or other communal areas, in the pool area, and around group exercise.

Our focus is to support you, your gym, with the safe and continued service to your customers. Zeitslot offers a solution specially designed for your gym to virtually ensure social distancing. Our tool enables efficient and productive management of queues and social distancing virtually without contact.

A social distancing strategy goes hand in hand with a good cleaning strategy. Make time on your time-slot schedule to allow for cleaning of equipment.

Benefits & Impact

  • Enable Social Distancing
  • Touchless
  • Quick & Easy Deployment
  • Deliver Great Customer Experience
  • Adhere to Occupancy Limits
  • Central Control
  • No more long queues
  • Manage online & walk in customers