Zeitslot FAQ

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For Customers / Visitors

What do I need to bring to the store?

You will need to bring your ticket(QR code) either digitally in your smartphone or printed out on paper to the location.

Will I need to queue when I get to the location?

No. However, this is subject to be determined by store management.

Do I need to pay to use the service?

Our service is free for location customers / visitors to use.

For Businesses and Locations

What will I need to set it up?

You will need internet, a regular PC with a webcam (a tablet or smartphone is sufficient). This is for simple scanning of the code of customers.

Can I add more than one location on my premises to be booked?

Yes, of course! In the timeslot booking creation page you will see a plus (+) button next to your locations name. Click it to add a new bookable location – on the same premises.

Where can I find the barcode scanning?

The barcode scanning area for your business will be available on the homepage after you’ve logged in.

How do I scan a barcode?

When you have opened the scanning camera on your preferred device, simply point it at the QR code on the ticket. You will be notified whether or not the ticket is valid in the scanning area.

How much does it cost to use the service?

See pricing.

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