Avoid queuing

Visit any location with Zeitslot.

With you can skip queues altogether by booking your time slot before you visit the premises. It’s easy to do.

Zeitslot has been developed with customers in mind all the way through. Our aim is to simply provide customers / visitors with a hassle-free experience when navigating public locations.

To book a timeslot, simply find the location you would like to visit in the search bar and book the next available time slot or appointment that suits your schedule best.

  1. Find a location that you like to visit through our search or directly by a provided link
  2. Use Zeitslot to book an available timeslot to enter or use the service
  3. Arrive at the service during the selected timeslot and bring your phone and open your ticket on
  4. At entrance, your ticket will be checked so the location can make sure that you are qualified to enter during at the designated time

We care about your privacy!

Zeitslot is design with your right to privacy in mind!

  • We only ask for your email address as personal data to provide you access to the service
  • Your name and address are not required
  • Your information will not be shared with the services.
  • We do not use external, digital services such as tracking services or advertising networks.

Zeitslot takes your privacy serious. You can be sure, that your data stays with us!

Further questions?

Visit our FAQ or write us directly! We are looking forward to meeting you!


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