Manage visitor flow in COVID-19

Avoid Queues. Avoid Crowds. Keep your visitors / customers safe.

Zeitslot helps you control your visitors flow through an online timeslot booking system for your location

Our solution allows your location to avoid queues and supports your COVID-19 efforts. Zeitslot offers a simple tool that maximises safety for you and your customers / visitors.

Happy customers are good customers. If you can provide a great experience throughout their visit, they are more likely to return, and to recommend your services to others. In times of COVID-19, you need to drive commerce without crowds.

Our main priority is to support you, your location and the safety and continued service to your customers.

Don’t make your customers wait


Zeitslot allows you to decrease customer wait times and greatly improve your service efficiency. Excessive queuing and waiting are among the leading causes of dissatisfaction in public locations. provides a standard, touch-less and customisable queuing solution to cater to diverse queuing problems faced by your location.

Digital Queue Management System

This book-a slot solution eliminates crowded service areas and optimises customer flow by allowing customers to avoid queues when they arrive. The system gives your location direct control over the intervals between individual bookings.


Zeitslot can be adopted in minutes at any location.

5 simple steps.

  1. Sign up and input your location address
  2. Create timeslots for your visitors / customers with your COVID-19 capacity limitations.
  3. Publish your location. Inform your visitors / customers about your booking page. You will get a unique internet address (URL) for your customers to go to your page directly and book a timeslot before they arrive.
  4. You can validate your visitors / customers booking ticket on arrival. Simply scan the ticket with a camera enabled device. (PC, Smarpthone, Tablet, etc.)
  5. Grant visitors / customers access to your location


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