Never stand in a line again.

Zeitslot – the easy to use timeslot booking system for any location.

Zeitslot is an online timeslot booking system which allows any location to easily create bookable timeslots for their customers and visitors for free.

Timeslots become available in the Zeitslot platform for customers / visitors to view and book before they arrive to the premises.

Zeitslot is the best place to have your timeslots listed. We help customers find you.

No special hardware, infrastructure or software is required. Everything runs in the cloud.

The Zeitslot process is based on 3 easy steps

  1. Timeslots are defined by services / locations / business for their customers and visitors to book
  2. Open timeslots are booked by visitors and customers based on availability and preference
  3. Bookings are checked at entrance at the booked service / location / business

Just 3 simple steps

What Zeitslot can do for Customers

Zeitslot allows customers to book timeslots at partner locations for defined entrance/usage times


What Zeitslot can do for Locations

Control your customer flow through bookable timeslots with Zeitslot.

Set it up in minutes.

What is Zeitslot?

Zeitslot.com is a web-app that allows everyone to define time slots with predefined capacities which can be booked by the visitors or customers online. The service provides additional features such as dedicated time slots for the elderly and discounts for visiting stores off-peak. All of that in a matter of minutes.

On the customer side, any person with access to the internet can book available time slots online in advance. The booking code is accessible on the smartphone users (QR-Code) or can be printed out or transcribed manually on a piece of paper if no smartphone is available. The booking code is checked by the services upon customer/visitors entrance with regular consumer hardware. A regular PC with webcam, Tablet or smartphone with internet access is sufficient.

Zeitslot booking and timeslot management service is designed to be usable with absolute minimum infrastructure requirements and focuses on the basic function. For customers, the service also just needs a very simple registration with minimal personal data required.

The service can be used by everyone as a mandatory or additional requirement for entering locations or to provide a “fast-track” opportunity to avoid queuing.


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